My repertoire

Some songs are sung once and afterwards kept aside . . . Others are waiting . . .
In any case here are the lists. For each musical genre, please click below.
The classification of song's genre is not so precise, I fear. In each list the songs are in alphabetical order of their titles. Where an article is the first word, it is the first word.
I tried to put, in the round brackets, the names of the lyricists or poets always ahead of those of the composers of music. Forgive me for the cases where I don't know which is what or they worked together in words and music.
Queer signs which may appear elsewhere represent Japanese letters. Please ignore them.

SPANISH SONGS: Flamenco, "canción española", traditional tunes, etc.
PORTUGUESE SONGS: "Fado"s and others.
BRAZILIAN SONGS: Samba, bossa-nova, etc.
FROM MEXICO TO SOUTH AMERICA: Mexican "ranchera", Peruvian "valse", folklore of diverse countries. I'm sorry it's so loose a classification.
TANGO WORLD: Argentine tango, waltz, "milonga" . . .
BOLERO AND CARIBBEAN RYTHMS: Romantic songs and dance music.
EUROPEAN MIX: French and some other country's tunes. I sing them in French or Japanese.

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